Amazing Child Music and Enrichment Studio offers a variety of classes for children ages 1 month to 18 years of age. We are dedicated to providing programming for children with and without disabilities using an inclusive educational learning model. Our classes are lead by experienced educators in the fields of teaching and occupational therapy.

We are unique in that our classes offer all children an opportunity to develop and refine their skills at their own pace. The classes are joy-filled, fun and provided in a safe environment that fosters the growth of skills needed at all stages of childhood.

Using movement based learning, creative expression and imaginative play that is developmentally appropriate, we help children gain self-confidence, learn about how their body moves and enrich their learning to help each child discover just how Amazing they truly are!!!



Waynette Jarrell is the owner and director of Amazing Child Music and Enrichment Studio. She is also co-owner of Pediatric Therapy Associates and the director of Occupational Therapy, which was founded in October 1992. She is licensed as a registered occupational therapist and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio in 1986.

Waynette has intensive and advanced training in working with children with developmental delays, motor and visual perceptual difficulties, oculomotor and functional vision challenges, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, autism, sensory processing disorders, attention deficit disorder, learning challenges as well as other neurological conditions.

Waynette’s dream to create an inclusive safe place for her patients as well as her community came to fruition after much prayer and encouragement. Amazing Child Music and Enrichment Studio is a place where any child, despite their abilities can socialize and enjoy activities while enriching and learning skills in a collaborative, fun and welcoming environment. At Amazing Child Music and Enrichment Studio ALL children are welcomed including those with no diagnosis. Classes in our Studio are not just for the child with special needs. The curriculum is designed to help any child who might need a little extra boost in their developmental and educational journey as well as for the child who may not necessarily need a boost but just wants to have fun and develop a love for music, art and joyful movement. For the child who receives specialized therapies, the curriculum at Amazing Child Music and Enrichment Studio is designed to compliment but never take the place of your child’s existing therapy program.

Waynette is grateful to the families she works with at Pediatric Therapy Associates, her co-workers, family and friends who have all given her much support, love and encouragement on this journey. The mission of Amazing Child Music and Enrichment Studio is very simple. Every child is celebrated. Every child is loved and accepted…. And in the process, Every child as an opportunity to Laugh, Learn and experience Joy while realizing just how Amazing they truly are.

Waynette is the proud grandmother of 2 children who sincerely believes in the value of early childhood music education. She looks forward to continuing her journey as an occupational therapist and music educator for years to come while spending the rest of her time at home with her husband Maury and being a Nana to two of the most amazing grandsons in the world, Florian and Donovan.