When there is a need fill it

When there is a need-fill it. That’s what I have come to realize is the cornerstone of greatness. Whether it is for a family member, friend, a co-worker or for those we might not yet know- we are called to serve one another. To do so we have to be willing to open our hearts to listen for the possibilities and we must refuse to allow the voice of rejection or fear of failure take center stage in our thought process.

Over the years as an occupational therapist, I have heard from so many of my parents that they wished there were more types of programming in our city for their special needs child. Empathizing with the situation, I would lead them to the resources that I knew were available knowing that the list was short and may not really meet their needs.

Although I entertained thoughts of what I could offer to help my families, I allowed outside thoughts such as fear of failure to prevent me from following through. Several summers we offered small summer camp experiences for the kids in the clinic, but as the clinic grew the space to run the camps was no longer available. Those summers were magical, it provided us the opportunity to engage with the kids in a whole different way and the kids enjoyed the time they spent with other children working and playing together. In a small way we filled a need during those summers- even if it was just for a few weeks.

After much prayer and discernment, I have decided to start a new adventure. To provide a place where all children with or without a diagnosis can come and receive a variety of educational programming. We are going to provide a variety of classes including Kindermusik, yoga, art, study skills, handwriting and movement classes, cooking classes for the picky eater and mommy and me play classes. I am in the process of becoming a Kindermusik Instructor and will finish in December. I am excited to be able to offer these classes to all children, but especially to the child who has special needs. It’s going to be AMAZING.